From the ‘Selfie Queen’ to the quirky


We are always on the look out for new fashion and home trends to share with you. Of late you may have noticed the colourful eclectic pieces featuring appropriated images of Frida Kahlo on cushions, draft and door stoppers. Recently we have just added to the collection with a gorgeous array of vases which will brighten any corner of your home and heart whilst celebrating a feminist icon. Why has she become so iconic? Frida Kahlo was a feminist, the true first ‘Selfie Queen’ who painted self-portraits for most of her short life of 48years. She was proud of her unibrow and slight moustache featuring them in her portraits, going against society stereotypes. She was involved in politics (traditionally a man’s world at the time) she smoked, dressed in male suits but was equally proud of her femininity wearing colourful dresses and even braiding her hair with ribbons and flowers.  She painted with such vibrant colours (reflective of her Mexican heritage) but contradictory to the crippling pain she lived with after a delipidating accident.  We are in awe of Frida and love featuring her in our lives and those of our daughters.

Our quirky menagerie of animals including ducks, dogs, cats and birds that have become quite infamous locally. Our ducks of late have donned galoshes to glamorous Aspen feathers and we are awaiting another quirky delivery very soon.  We just love adding a little quirky, crazy humour to our daily crazy lives, it’s what keeps us sane. So, pop into our store and check out our latest collections.


Iris & Lin xx

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